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Ally ♥

welcome to my journal

im Ally and im 15. i go to berkley high school and im a sophomore i love volleyball and basketball and hanging out with friends. im obsessed with harry potter and nelly. random right? haha add me to myspace! www.myspace.com/o_s0_juicy <3

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[ Friday 12/16/05 4:11pm]

my pet!
too too 7 //cute

[ Tuesday 11/8/05 6:14pm]
wow. i havent updated since probably like the middle of the summer, its because i hate lj.. well compared to myspace it sucks. but im waiting for volleyball to start in 45 minuites and i guess i have nothing better to do! its not like anyone actually still reads this? do they? or my posts atleast. well schools pretty good i guess not to hard, i thought chem would be soo challanging but the only class thats really bothering me is honors gov, and im sure ALOT of people agree. mrs.simones a whore bag, not litterly just in the aspect she sucks as a teacher. this years alot of fun i like being a sophomore so much better than freshmen it sucked being a freshmen so badly. what else is new? hmm i hate guys haha but i say that all the time, all the do is fricken find ways to fuck with girls (not litterly guys.. pervs) every single guy ive ever likes has done the same thing, typical... next time ill expect it! the only thing really good right now is volleyball. i love volleyball more than anything, and id never be able to play on a diffrent team, from my past experiences at camp it SUCKS i love our team so much were all sooo close but it would be so messed up without everyone, its really good the season started its actually one thing to look forward too. anyways i feel like a dumbass updating my lj and yeah soo. bye
too too 12 //cute

[ Tuesday 08/16/05 11:45pm]

quizCollapse )

too too 2 //cute

FRIENDS ONLY! [ Friday 07/15/05 9:26am]

theyspunaweb thanks for the banner.

too too 36 //cute

[ Thursday 07/7/05 2:28am]
a bunch of quizes its pointless.Collapse )
too too 3 //cute

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